This site uses interactive panoramas and allows for exploration.
A few interface tips to assist.

Places – are for exploring – start by clicking on the images.

To turn around, up and down – click and drag on a computer – on mobile devices press and drag.

With a mobile device camera, scan the QR codes from the web page to access the panorama directly on your device. Tap the gyroscopic tool button on the screen and accept if prompted to experience a digital cyclorama – just turn around and look.

Click the markers within the panoramas for the next location or to activate photos and drawings.
Follow stairs to access the other levels and the floor plans will update.
Explore the tool bar buttons and functions on the panorama to access + hide
Thumbnails, Full screen, Projection styles and Map functions. 

Eureka – is for testing and experimenting.

Here exploration takes place merging ideas, histories, panorama photography, cartography and mapping.

Best viewed using Safari and Firefox browsers