HERE! Kelvin Grove

Phellinus noxious was the diagnoses advised by Brisbane City Council 2017.  One by one over many months the leaves slowly dropped, limbs were propped to prevent falling, the area was fenced off during treatment, however the writing was on the wall and removal imminent. 

At first the idea was to photograph the barren structure, high in the branches prior removal.  Having walked Kelvin Grove Road’s boulevard of heritage listed fig trees and knowing their significance for many years, but never really took the time to stop and look.

High in the limbs out of sight. 


GH 1970,   TV 4 LJ,   BWT + CLP (had a falling out), other love in 1966 on another limb.

The tree was removed the following day, a secret legacy briefly discovered was gone, but not forgotten.
If you stop an look the legacy is still there, shared upon the neighbouring fig trees.